Rainbow Letters and Jigsaw Gift Set
Rainbow Letters and Jigsaw Gift Set
Rainbow Letters and Jigsaw Gift Set

Rainbow Letters and Jigsaw Gift Set

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Rainbow lover alert!

Learn the colours of the rainbow in a fun and memorable way or brighten up your decor with all the fabulous colours of the rainbow.

Our rainbow gift set contains 7 handcrafted letter crayons spelling out the word RAINBOW in the colours of the rainbow, alongside a 9cm x 9cm rainbow coloured crayon jigsaw puzzle

The crayons are freestanding so are fun to play with as well as colouring or great for putting a rainbow right there in front of you on your desk.

The letter and rainbow jigsaw crayons are made up of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet crayons to aid learning of the colours and cognitive remembrance with the two remaining pieces of the jigsaw being one black crayon piece and one white crayon piece.

Each crayon set comes with a complementary colouring sheet and FREE UK standard delivery.

Our crayons are hand polished after being created to ensure they reach you in perfect condition. 

The perfect gift for little learners and as a fun and thoughtful gift for adults too.

Plus, rainbow = instant mood booster - what’s not to like?

Each crayon is lovingly handcrafted with non-toxic crayon wax and occasionally may result in subtle variations in colour mix - making each one beautifully unique.

WARNING: Not suitable for under 3 years due to potential choking hazard.

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