Our Story

Hi, I’m Nicola, founder and owner of Barnaby Bumbles.

Growing up, I loved nothing more than being surrounded by crayons, paint, pens, basically anything that I could mark make and make a mess with - the more colours, the better! I was at my happiest bringing my ideas to life and creating something that didn’t have to be anything.

This fervour continued long into my teens and twenties, with three glorious years painting in my own studio space whilst studying art practice and theory. There, it seems the fairytale ended as I found myself in the world of work, my passion for colour and painting unfortunately took a backseat, relegated to snatched moments here and there...

Fast forward to 2020, and like many others in lockdown, I was looking for ways to keep my then 3 year old entertained whilst I worked at the other end of the dining table. Watching her get excited by all the colours of the paints, crayons, pens and experimenting with them to make her own marks reignited my passion for play and experimenting.

It made me wonder, just when was it that I’d stopped playing and more importantly why? A fierce advocate of the crucial importance of nurturing creativity and of the role creativity plays in our lives, I started to research play and the power of play for all ages. 

At the same time, we'd started making our own crayons, a fun, fulfilling activity that produced mini artworks which enabled me to experiment once again with many colours, which we then used together to play and express ourselves.

So much FUN! 

We made crayons together a few times, and I found myself experimenting further with colours and creations when the Bumbles (family nickname for my daughter) had gone to bed. And so, Barnaby (play on my maiden name nickname) Bumbles was born.

Now with a 4 year old and 4 month old, it seems the perfect time to follow my passion and see where it leads - crayons are just the beginning…

Welcome to Barnaby Bumbles!

Our mission is simple - to be the reason someone smiles today.  
We hope you have lots of fun with colour as you play and create.

Enjoy! x 

Lucia colouring in using her Barnaby Bumbles chunky animal shaped crayons 

Lucia aka 'Bumbles' enjoying using her Chunky Animal Shaped Crayons.